Our Purpose is YOUR NEEDS... Raising Funds for Alumni Associations and Student Supporting Organizations Nationwide!


Alumni 4 America is a network of Americans who believe that our greatest asset are our youth and that investing in their future is quit simply the right thing to do! Our platforms engages Alumni whether they are business owners, parents or students they ALL have an easy effective way to GIVE BACK to their Alma mater & by doing so be significantly rewarded for their actions.


Welcome to Alumni 4 America...Our Name Says it All!

Alumni Association's Nationwide now have a 21st Century Solution to their Fundraising Needs!
Connect with Your Alumni, Parents & Students to Raise Millions for Scholarships and Capital Improvements!

Our 21st Century turnkey platforms provide colleges and universities nationwide a powerful way to engage your Alumni by providing them multiple tiers of benefits for supporting their Alma mater. Alumni 4 America has a solution that can literally raise millions of dollars on an annual basis, a fundraiser built on a win-win principle.


Benefits Include:

  • 2 High Value, Online and Smart Phone Apps ( Alumni 4 America (A4A Rewards Mobile/App & the Business HERO Network)
  • A4A Rewards/Mobile App Provides Your Supporters Access to Over 365,000 Local & National Discounts of up to 50%, Available 24/7, with Unlimited Use
  • Business HERO Network App Provides Alumni Business Owners an Effectively Way to Advertise, Connect & Give Back to their Alma Mater
  • Access to Alumni 4 America's Exclusive Travel Portal; Providing Savings of up to 81% on Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises & Travel Packages
  • An Automated Email System Customized to Effectively Speak to your Alumni
  • Easy Implementation, Your Provide Your Alumni Email List...We do the Rest! (Emails NEVER shared)
  • Social Media Sharing Tools and Marketing Team Support
  • Our National Reach Allows You to Share Your Rewards Fundraising Opportunity Nationwide
  • Our Automated Email System Enables Automatic Receipt of Funds as Supporter Renew the Following Year

Below are the 2 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Your Membership, Raise A Significant Level of Funds & Support Students!


...Real Savings from over 336,000 Local & National Businesses!


Alumni 4 America Rewards/Mobile App


336,250 and growing of products and service businesses nationwide have stepped up to the plate to join us in helping you raise an unprecedented level of funds for your Alumni Association. We have created the Alumni 4 America Rewards /Mobile App to make fundraising fast, easy and highly effective. We call this our LIFESTYLE app, your supporters will love the significant savings they can now enjoy with a simple click of a button ...LIFE just got better!

To make it even more enticing with the purchase of the Rewards Mobile App your Alumni will gain access to our Exclusive Travel portal that will save them up to 81% on Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises and Travel Packages. How do we do this? Simple...we took out the middleman so we are able to guarantee best pricing in the industry! In addition they receive (at no charge) the Business HERO Network App, providing fingertip access to the HEROES nationwide that support & care about America's greatest asset...our students!

he Alumni 4 America Rewards/Mobile App platform automatically directs funds to your association as your members renew their support the following years.

* The online and mobile app Alumni 4 America Rewards/Mobile App, reaching over 16 million users nationwide.


EXAMPLE: Your alumni association has 100,000 members and half of these members renew their Alumni Association Membership, and for that they receive the A4A Rewards/Mobile App. If all 50,000 were to take advantage of this opportunity to save thousands annually and at the same time support their Alma mater your Alumni Association could *raise $1,200,000. Providing 48 $25,000 Scholarships!


...Real Savings from over 336,000 Local & National Businesses!


The Business HERO Network


Alumni 4 America provides Alumni Associations a platform forging an alliance between your Alumni members and their businesses. The fundraising platform is called the Business HERO Network (BHN). Your Alumni business owners join the BHN; advertising their business to fellow alums, parents and students nationwide. Whether in retail, provide a professional service, own an online e-commerce website or corporation EVERY ALUM will now will have a place to advertise and at the same time GIVE BACK to the educational institution that helped them become the success they are today!

The Business HERO Network turns your alums into loyal ambassadors, once a HERO...always a HERO! Our automated platform invites the BHN participants to be a HERO in the years to follow...when they say "yes" you alumni association automatically receives the funds.

The Business Hero Network opportunity offers local and national business owners a way to elevate their name throughout their network of fellow alumni as well as in their local community, attract new customers, and best of all, pitch in to empower your Alma mater.
Because Alumni Associations typically have members that are business owners, you now have a platform to raise a tremendous amount of funds just by sharing the Business Hero Network opportunity.

* An online and mobile app consumer network directory called the Business HERO Network.
(Heroes populate by Zip Code, Category, Specialty, Alphabetical and Level of Give)


EXAMPLE: Your Alumni Association has 100,000 members and half of these members are business owners. If all 50,000 were to take advantage of this opportunity to promote their business in their community & nationwide, support their Alma mater and significantly improve their bottom line your Alumni Association could *raise $3,750,000.00. (*values based on $125.00 level) Providing 150 $25,000 Scholarships!


*Did you know that 92% of moms seek out businesses that support the things they care about?


"The Business HERO Network & Rewards/Mobile App provides your Alumni Association an easy effective way to raise funds a level of funds that will not only grow your association membership but enable you to make a difference in the lives of students nationwide!"